My comments come with over 20 years’ experience and observation.

A tight economy puts the spotlight on where we gravitate to for security. My conviction is, we should ALL have the attitude of being ‘self employed’ and especially when jobs/money is tight. WE are responsible for ourselves, our future, our education. I’m sorry, I don’t care if society or government says something else, but the truth is it is our responsibility to make our own way in life.

So how to put this to work?…. (hold on, I will get there)….

It starts with the belief each of us have untapped, unknown potential. But sadly it often it takes Crisis to draw that out because we’ve been lazy, lacking knowledge or reactive rather than proactive in our lives…..I speak without judgement though as this is definitely not the path of least resistance.

MLM-Party Plan (“Direct Sales”) is actually a huge career, but offering the flexibility to work to your own schedule. Done well, with ethics and in a genuine market, it equips a person with an outstanding package of skills on top of potential income. However it is NOT a ‘magic wand’ to success. Consistent activity, focus, commitment are as vital as any other form of success. But Direct Sales is a very direct ‘mirror’ of how I am. It is not possible to keep bluffing character as in corporate hierarchy, where position often outdistances personal development.

History has demonstrated that tough economic times are when Direct Sales/MLM shines. Once again though, this is never an excuse for resorting to pressing the ‘greed button’, which has justifiably earned much of MLM a bad name.

My qualifiers for a genuine Opportunity is:

  • Does the concept excite?
  • Does the company have Ethical leadership and a sound business/income model? (Talk to some real life experts to assess what works for your personality and situation)
  • Does the product have a unique edge or value? (You cannot get rich selling overpriced average quality items of questionable value to your circle of family and friends)
  • Is the product in demand or a ‘little luxury’ category? (People DO find ways of buying when money is tight – whether it is cigarettes, alcohol or something more positiv
  • Your own Integrity and value on Service to others.

While the vast majority of people fail in their first few months of joining an MLM, if we broaden the picture to Party Plan, there are models where you see it IS possible to make income quickly, whilst gradually building a sustainable business. For instance, if you find an innovative company who blends the strengths of MLM and PP, that can be a potentially powerful vehicle.

A good MLM/Party Plan model with high quality products that represent good value – brings the ability to achieve, learn and build a future while supporting the present. But success always takes desire and conviction. Commitment comes out of these. In fact, I go so far as to say that if you are talking to people about commitment it is a sure sign the prime ‘motivator factors’ are not properly aligned.