How to Take Back Control

In the past 12 months, too many good people have lost their jobs.   You may be one of them. Or perhaps you have a friend or family member in this position.   They were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time, collateral damage in a struggling economy.

I have been advising IT candidates long before the Global Financial Crisis to take back control, be proactive, don’t just wait for vacancies.  Much of my focus is in repositioning and presenting quality candidates for suitable companies we identify. Times were good though,  and most didn’t realize the import of my foresight.

A well know blogger and Sales Strategist – Jill Konrath – has just finished her new book, which is a MUST for everyone in the market.  I recommend subscribing to Jill’s Blog.

My belief is that we are ALL ‘self employed’, even in a job. We are responsible for our own development, employability, job security, careers. Sadly Australians have been educated to respond at school, “when I grow up I want a job in….”, instead of “when I grow up I want a business in….”

Perceived security is a great seducer of self reliance and personal responsibility. We would do well to take ownership over our lives and realize our attachment to ‘job security’ is an outdated hangover from the industrial revolution. …And so we have a population trained by default to depend on others for food, housing, education and direction.  (Robert Kiyosaki has writen authoritatively on this).

Why do I believe this? Because humans were designed to be decision makers, creative, spirited, masters of our own destiny, not mindless followers who just accept whatever is dished out, taking the leftovers of life.

A comment today from a Senior Manager who has been struggling in the market, who read Jill’s book I sent him: “Thank you very much for sending me this. I have read the whole book this morning and am going to give the dog a nice long walk while I mull over its contents. Timing was perfect however, as I was struggling with a covering letter for a (XXXX) job and now know exactly what approach I will take with it. I also found it to be quite motivational.”

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