Entrepreneurs find the new paths to success and blaze the trail for us to follow. Ian Berry, Founder of the Differencemakers Community, CEO of Remacue, explores how Insightpreneurs teach us the power of effective communication and presentation. It becomes clearer how you can make a greater difference as an entrepreneur yourself.

“The Positive And Productive Impact Only Insightpreneurs Can Provide”

“I asked fellow Differencemakers Community member Liz Blake for her thoughts on Insightpreneurs, my one word for the new breed of speaker, trainer, consultant, advisor, coach, mentor, and thought leader in general.

“We are heavily in the information age. Surrounded, bombarded, invited – there is little we cannot access. But my observation is that while any major wave is still building, different dynamics are also developing. For example, with global contact at our fingertips, we have never been so isolated. In the complex, we crave the simple. In the profound, we seek the essence.

Take the forces in an ocean wave. When we can see the mass or water rushing to tidal wave force, it is the crowd running in momentum, swept into the force. Meanwhile others come behind, being drawn into the pull, still working out what is happening but swept into the inevitable direction. At the same time the forerunners are already foaming over the edge, they’ve hurtled ahead, dashing in front to something new. That is the way of the wave. But underneath something else is happening. There are opposing, equalling forces, undercurrents pushing the other direction, cutting through the shifting mass of social force, as if in the gravity of a neptunean pendulum.

What I see already developing is in this massively weighted push of information, souls are longing for peace, clarity and a refuge. With so much noise clamouring for our attention – formulae for success, equations, methods, statistics – many are tuned and listening for those whose words of insight cut through the tangle of info-noise, those who can shine a laser of truth on complex externals to show the Self evident truth.”

I love Liz’s last line in particular those who can shine a laser of truth on complex external to show the Self evident truth. Insightpreneurs are such folk.

I am privileged to be invited to speak at 30 to 40 conferences per year. Sadly it is not hard to shine at these events as most presenters (captains of industry, academics, celebrities) bore participants to death with loads of information slides and presentation skills that put people to sleep.

Professional presenters are Insightpreneurs. They tell stories that share insight and inspire. These folk are the modern day bards. They are well researched however information is not what they share rather insights they have gleaned from the plethora of information that is available to almost everyone via Google.

Insightpreneurs presentations standout from the crowd because: Ian’s article continues…