“Fifty percent of business models in use today are no longer viable. The world, the market, and business paradigms have changed forever.” – Neville Christie, Professional Business Mentor & Chairman, CEO Institute Chair

I regularly meet with a group of forefront business leaders, entrepreneurs and thinkers. Accountable for the risks they take, courageous enough to challenge their traditional attitudes to new business  landscape like a Gen-Y world.

A recent substantial theme has been the breakdown of 50% of business models in use today.

The current models and world views are archaic. Our group has isolated 3 imperatives to take us into a new prosperity:


We must renew our view of the world and business models. Do they really still work? (did they ever?) What attitudes and addictions got the world into this whole GFC mess? Do we think we can do the same and yet get a different result? Or who will be courageous enough to lead in re-modelling their world of influence?

We enrich ourselves at more than monetary level. This challenges even the whole culture of reporting: Why is it when “our people are our greatest asset”, that they are reported as a liability? Where is the asset? How do you measure it?  Enrichment in the new view must include physical and spiritual levels. Our world is jaded with super-consumerism, we dull our pain with an epidemic of anti-depressant drugs and prescription narcotics.  Disease of the heart is common, stress-related illness accounts for some 70% of deaths… when will we put a value on physical and spiritual humanity?

If you are responsible for sustaining your own life force, mental and emotional energy – and rewards – then business models must reflect and address that view.

Architecting New Business Models

With globalization and increasing personal isolation, the powerful force arising again is community. Work-life-physical-emotional-spiritual vitality are not separate pieces to be treated in isolation, but all inter-twined.  In his best seller Seth Godin talks about our requirement for ‘Tribes’. If we are to prosper as whole people, could ‘tribes’ and ‘tribalism’ be a central concept in architecting new business models?

“Your imperative as a business leader in the new volatile climate is to understand, renew, and implement a new model…a new model that will enrich and sustain you, your business and your relationships in this current climate.” – Neville Christie.

Personally I think we have some homework to do.