The Problem with Personal Branding

Do you get bothered with personal branding?

Are you a person who loves to sink your teeth into a job and just get on with it?  Knowing that your excellence will bring the flashing lights, praise and awards later; but by others. I call this Quiet Achiever Syndrome (QAS).

For a Quiet Achiever, the obsession with defining oneself on social networking sites can feel like blowing your own trumpet; you don’t enjoy singing your own praises. Your feeling of authenticity comes in doing the work and achieving through personal excellence. Yet social networking opens up extraordinary other opportunities for connection. It’s a conflict with your preference being seen in your excellent outcomes. “Just let me get my head down and do the job”.

There are difficult questions in creating your Personal Brand:

  • How do you define your ability to think?
  • How do you translate your past value to future employers or customers?

For me, I know most business problems will point to deeper issues. It’s about being open minded enough to uncovering that without bias.

The conflict of marketing/self-promotion for an internally-driven achiever is very real. I’ve felt it sometimes too! But we all sell something every day – in and out of work – so you must know how.

If you have this internal conflict, you may need help in presenting yourself for this dynamic market. You may need another set of ‘marketing eyes’. This time you are the product. And a product only has value when the buyer sees it as their solution.

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