A Revolution in Job Search has arrived – the new nt3 Digital Resume Database Launched today, www.nt3.com.au – free to access! (I have no financial interest, I just believe in it.)

Recruiters & Employers are tipped to save up to 98% of their current talent attraction spend by using nt3. nt3 has set the benchmark as to what people can do on a Job Board, built by x-recruiters of over 15 years experience, with non overlooked! It’s a win/win for all.

Jobseekers:  Endless benefits, puts you in a great position to negotiate and stay in control of your Job Search. By creating a new Secure Digital Resume on nt3, Job Seekers can update, print and save your digital resume instantly, in an Industry standard, professional layout from anywhere in the world for free.

Job Seekers can:

  • track who is viewing their resume and when,
  • block any Employer or Recruiter from viewing their details,
  • Activate or De-activate their profile at any time,
  • apply direct to Job Ads on the nt3 job board,
  • set up Job Board alerts, or
  • get approached directly by decision makers who have an obvious need for their skills.

Recruiters/Hiring Managers: Imagine having a growing online CV Database that, as a solo or team member, you can immediately search and increase your candidate pool by thousands of people – simply by registering on nt3 for free.

Imagine…no fees to pay till point #6…a revolution in cashflow and profitability.

  1. being able to search for Contractors, Temp or Perm staff by skills, Industry experience, licences held, location, age, sex ,computer programme proficiency and even how much notice a Job Seeker may need to give before being in a position to start with you.
  2. Once you have a filtered list, you can see the last time the Job seeker logged in, how much money they are ideally looking for & what days they are available for interviews.
  3. You can then send messages to Job seekers to ask them to include more info on their profile or if they are still available for interview offers.
  4. Now imagine as a Recruiter, you can export the PDF restricted CV with your own corporate banner or logo, and reverse market the candidates skills to your clients, before even paying a cent.
  5. Your client may come back and give you the thumbs up on 3 or 4 of the Job seekers you have sent over with a view to organise an interview. This is before you have paid anything.
  6. Now you go on to pay & release the Job Seekers details.
    Cost? Only $150.00 for 5 Job Seekers, from any industry background, looking for under $80k or $350.00 for 5 Executive Job Seekers looking for above $80k.
    *You are now in line to potentially place any of the Job seekers you reverse marketed from the nt3 database.
    Return? You stand to make your 10% – 15% – 20% on the candidates you hand-picked from the nt3 site, with a cost to you of only a minimum of $150.00 required for releasing the 5 job seekers’ details.
  7. Recruitment Teams: Now imagine that you have attached your whole recruitment / HR team to your nt3 account. The shortlist you just paid for is now available to everyone attached to your account at no additional cost, so you never pay for the same job seekers details twice. You can even add notes to the Job seeker profile to share with your team and let them know you have these candidates out on interview.Benefits: See and manage what your whole team is doing on nt3, how may job ads they have posted, how many applicants they have attracted and who they are.
    Those profiles and CVs are available for you to access as well, just in case one of the team members is away and someone else needs to take over their work load.

This is a revolutionary win/win and free to access.
Register your Digital CV now, www.nt3.com.au
– it’s a refreshing surprise!

How it works – http://tr.im/s4vN
Twitter http://twitter.com/nt3_Digital_CV
LinkedIn – http://www.linkedin.com/in/nt3digitalcv