“Six Figures” online magazine for Executives, writes:

You may be considering moving jobs or changing careers however are hesitant due to the current economic climate. If you are feeling the need to expand your skills or move into a new position, there are certainly ways to do this with your current employer.

In his article “Career Mobility at Work (PDF) careers expert Paul Stevens explores the topic of career mobility, be it with your current employer or identifying if you need to take your career search externally. As Paul says, “Success in today’s work sectors requires a thorough awareness of your employment environment. To this knowledge you need to add a self-honest but not too modest assessment of your skills, expertise, interpersonal abilities and what factors make up job satisfaction for you.”

When considering a job role change you need to:

  • REVIEW what it is you really want in your next career action step
  • EXPLORE and gather information about options that suit your needs
  • ASSESS and decide on your job move target
  • DESIGN an application that contains your transferable skills and knowledge relating to your target
  • SUBMIT your application for what you seek and believe you merit
  • PLUS — Upgrade your performance in current job to win respect for your application

What career action is really right for you? You start with ten career action options. Then comes the hard task of evaluating each option and selecting one. To go through the ten career action options download the article Career Mobility at Work (PDF) from the Six Figures Job Seekers Resources area.