The Greatest Recruiting Opportunity in the Last 25 Years

Given the shaky financial situation, when is the right time to hire?

“Being strategic always requires some degree of unconventional thinking….. If you are a corporate recruiting manager and you are looking for an opportunity to have a strategic impact, you need to understand why today is literally the best time to be actively recruiting in at least the last 25 years.”

These are the words of Dr. John Sullivan, a well-known thought leader in HR and frequent speaker and advisor to Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley firms. He continues….

“I’ll demonstrate why there is a confluence of factors that make this a “perfect storm” of opportunity if you implement a counter cyclical hiring strategy.

I’ll start out with three analogies that show how this current economic lull is an outstanding opportunity to fill your forecasted senior management vacancies that will result from baby boom retirements.

Analogy #1 — Understanding the Perfect Time to Buy. Read on……