When is political correctness counter-productive?

I have a problem with political correctness.  It is simply dishonest.

While we must curb bullying for the sake of compassion and consideration, we’ve shortcut the real issues by making up diluted phrases that develop cynicism.

Discrimination is not a dirty word.

Political correctness tells us ‘discrimination’ is a dirty word – and it definitely can be – however I find political correctness an assault on our honesty.

In “Our Culture, What’s Left of It”, Theodore Dalrymple speaks of Marquis de Custine’s enduring masterpiece literature of Tsarist Russia, first published in 1843. “The need to lie and always to avoid the truth stripped everyone of what Custine called “the two greatest gifts of God – the soul and the speech which communicates it.””

Dalrymple speaks of “the evil of political correctness…because of the violence it does to people’s souls by forcing them to say or imply what they do not believe but must not question.”  He continues, “without an external despot…we have willingly adopted the mental habits of people who live under a totalitarian dictatorship.” (does that sting you at all?)

“Discriminate” : Definitions from YourDictionary.com and Merriam-Webster Dictionaries include:

  1. to see/recognize the difference (between things); distinguish
  2. to be discerning, to make a distinction
  3. to use good judgment

Sensibility requires that I use good judgement! Wisdom demands it!

We pay top dollar for the wise and experienced to mix discernment with the facts in our society.  Every day you and I distinguish between appropriate and the inappropriate, what is smart and not smart, what is a good or poor fit.  Discrimination is always active in good decision making. If life was simply a bunch of facts and formulae, our intelligence, culture and spirituality would be worth little.

I ask you, does political correctness inspire you to respect, compassion and honesty?