I recently recruited for an HR Manager role. As I targeted the attractive opportunity many high calibre candidates came in with excellent experience and attitudes. Culling the selection for client interview was thorough and tough.

However, something stood out to like a flashing red light in almost all the Resumes of professionals of recruitment, performance management and career development.  How had they missed a vital element?

Spot the Missing Piece?

  • What key information does a hiring executive require from a candidate?
  • What message does your Resume need to impart to the business?
  • What is a list of key Achievements about?
  • What does an Achievement look like?

I saw some well composed Professional Summaries. But with the exception of 1 or 2 resumes, the Achievements lists presented professional skills and strengths….did they not recognize the missing piece?

A Clue…looking through the Buyer’s eyes

‘You’ are the product. If you were shopping for a product particularly sight unseen, wouldn’t you want to find out what it will do for you?…or the difference it has made to others?

Wouldn’t you be looking for its unique benefits, track record in savings made or value added? Wouldn’t you be looking for some measurement (real evidence) of the difference it will bring you?

Check your resume

If you can read through your list of Achievements and say “So what?” or “What difference did that make?” you need to do some serious reviewing of your CV. It definitely needs re-engineering.  Many salespeople understand this as it is their language, but too many seasoned professionals miss this, thus make their job hunt so much the harder…. You are simply NOT STANDING OUT FROM THE CROWD.

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