Are you generally energized at work – or is it draining? Do you procrastinate and lose focus regularly or even have trouble motivating yourself to go? Has the feeling of passion for your job receded into a memory?

If so, it is time to reassess. Some good questions are – Do you still believe in the company? Are you working mainly in your strengths or focussed in your weaknesses? Do you still feel your job plays an important part in people’s lives? Is it time to start looking around?

I have interviewed several hundred people in detail face-to-face over the last few years and read several thousand resumes through. I find most people need to update their approach to finding their role of choice in today’s market. Translating your own strengths and achievements insightfully and honestly into an effective CV can be the hardest document to compose!

Checkout the FREE eBOOK, “Getting Back to Work Faster” for a proactive approach to finding your next role. How does your Resume read? If you engaged a professional resume writer, how did you gauge its effectiveness? For a great example of this, read the following article by Nichole Kelly. As a senior Marketing person you would expect she had her own CV nailed. But…..

Nichole says, “Notice the two very different styles. Read them AS IF you were looking to hire a really strong (eg) marketing person for your team. Can you feel the difference? While her “before” versions are well-written, her “after” versions are much stronger.”

If you would like a boost in repositioning yourself for today’s market – including analysis and help with reconstruction of your resume – contact us.  Regardless how senior you are, you will find the process as empowering as the resulting renovated profile/ resume.

N.B. Your CV must tell the truth, this is about identifying the value you bring – with proven talent, skills and knowledge to back it up.