When you look at someone, can you consider just one part…or have you missed the point?

“We have so divided ourselves into parts and pieces”.  I am disturbed at the degree we’ve carved the body into pieces. We prescribe and ascribe pain etc to a part of our body as if it’s a separate room in a house, that we can medicate an isolated piece. The core perception out there is that we are made up of many simpler, single parts.

There could be nothing further from the truth. If we ‘reduce’ any body part down to the smallest part, the single cell, it will shock most people what is found. Utter and unbelievable complexity, intricacy and perfection of engineering design. The closer we look, the more like a complete being each cell seems!

It seems to me much of the intellectual world is frightened of facing the issues raised by the complexity of a single human cell. We know the whole of us resides in each cell through DNA. But even looking just at DNA is ‘dissecting into bits and pieces’. What about the essence of me? Am I not ‘me’ in every part also?

I have read, heard and thought enough to be convinced that while each cell is specialized, somehow the complete me exists in every cell – including my memories, emotions, heart (not just physical), digestion, breathing, everything. This is a huge subject. I am actually overwhelmed when I start thinking of the interconnectedness, so complex I can’t imagine it is constrained to only physical pathways.

Stepping aside from my intellectual world now, I confess still having a lot to learn about listening and even knowing what to listen to. I could identify with the ‘other consciousness’ Taylor-Bolte spoke of in TED in her right brain perceptions during her stroke. I have a place of just ‘being’ where I get lost in time, far away from left brain rationalism, a dreamlike place so compelling. It is a place of connected an unrealistic live there. The two realities are poles apart, so that it takes some time to adjust back to daily reality.

The answer is of course that they are both the real ‘me’ so they must be integrated. The next question is, what point of balance rings true?