Have you ever wondered why you procrastinate or get so drained in some activities, while other activities seem so easy and even energizing? Do you wonder why you are so forgetful about certain things?

Have you noticed you get ‘lost’ in some activities like playing chess, gardening, or reconciling numbers….? Or have you noticed you struggle to ‘get into’ or focus in other activities?

Most people actually DON’T know their key talents and strengths. And yet without this knowledge, you cannot confidently point yourself to the roles you will excel in and be happy! For instance, do you know what it is in your roles that you’ve loved and why, and what it is that you’ve struggled with, and why? Do you really know your strengths and weaknesses and what sparks your natural drive?

It is the hardest thing in the world to observe ourselves, let alone be objective; our self-perceptions even filter what we notice.  We can even be in denial, and others suffer needlessly, simply by not having these questions answered.  It takes an outsider to draw out and piece together the jigsaw of your strengths and weaknesses, what ‘makes you tick’.  With this, your world can be a far happier place.

Someone I was chatting to recently, recounted to someone else, I’ve never met anyone like her. She seemed to know me better than I know myself”.

My own signature strengths include developing excellence (maximizing), drawing out and making sense of complex information, and acute insight into the unique qualities of each person. With over 20 years’ real world experience with high psychological ownership, complemented by perpetual study…. these are the reasons my insight is unusually productive in solving “people problems”.  My work with people brings real, lasting change with strong ripple effects to others. Essential foundation to team success is ‘casting’ people into the right roles, engaging and optimizing.

Gallup Consulting asserts, “Organizations that start by investing in an individual’s natural talent — and then add the pertinent knowledge and skills — experience a much greater return on every hour and dollar they spend developing people”. (Gallup Consulting, Strengths Based Development)