There are many people who value their job security.  We assess roles on the security offered. But what I see is …

Job Security  – the Great Delusion

Do you realize job security as an illusion – or delusion? Just because a belief is popular, doesn’t make it true.

I’ve seen so many people whose job was ‘secure’ for a long time, then suddenly, something changes – a restructure, new management, government policy – and their job is at risk or gone.

So how secure was it?

If the security of your job can change, it means it only ever seemed that way. It had the illusion of security, but if a threat could take that away, the job never was secure.

So how do we deal with lack of security in our jobs?

It is all in the mindset. I’ve been saying to people for years, treat yourself as….

“Self employed in a job”

Self-employed people thing and act differently. They focus on how much value they bring, how much difference they can make. Self-employed people take ownership over their job and strive to excel. Self-employed people minimize wastage and choose economical work habits. They understand that the better the cash-flow the more secure their job.

Self-employed people understand that the more they bring their strengths and attitude, the more successful their team, business unit, and company. And the more secure their job.

Why would you give your best when you can get away with the minimum?

It can be tempting to envy the easy life of those who put in the minimum; it may seem unfair. But remember this…The laws of life are supreme:

“What you plant you will harvest”

When change or disturbance comes, not only are the ‘minimizers’ least worth keeping, but also least worth employing elsewhere. However, the worst consequence is that they have eroded their value by default (passivity), by not inviting challenge, growing or excelling.

However, the person who thinks and behaves as ‘self-employed’, is constantly positioning herself for the changing market. She has the power of a proactive mind, her personal development makes her a more attractive potential employee, and her mind nimble and sharpened by striving for excellence.

So, what can you change in yourself today, to increase your “job security”?