“Will the real risk please stand up?”

Change is easy and exciting! – when it is for someone else. Change is hard when it disturbs your own comfort level.

As humans we live from our beliefs, operate easily through habits, cling to familiarity, make sense of the world through these filters, even put on favorite clothes to feel good.

We tend to avoid confrontation and feel threatened when familiar patterns are disturbed. We will even endure long term loss or pain to preserve what is familiar. This status quo may be hurting or holding us back but familiarity feels secure. Change shakes up the status quo, which means our sense of security.

Which beliefs do you have that are unhelpful and not working for you? These are limiting your possibilities, options and hopes. It takes great courage to extract oneself from these beliefs – because they’re familiar – and the known feels safer than the unknown. New beliefs will challenge the way you perceive yourself, perceive others, your relationships, and your characteristic (habitual) responses….But where and what is the real risk?

Your life is a reflection of your beliefs

It is important to understand that your life is a reflection of your beliefs, and be responsible around that. What is your part in your day-by-day decisions and responses? Listen to your language – is it all about what “they, them, it…did to you”?

What we habitually think about becomes what we say and do. Even repeated thoughts like “I hate being poor, I wish I had someone to love…” reinforces deeply rutted neural pathways you’ve built, so that is exactly how you act – as a poor and unloved person. You simply live out the script. Our subconscious is responsible for 90% driving our behavior. This is why an effective coach will always go back to your beliefs. It’s the principle of sowing and reaping. Positive thinking will not overcome the power of your ‘programmed’ mind. Challenging beliefs and taking conscious action is the only way forward.

Change means taking an honest look at your beliefs

Beliefs can be real or not real, but they are true for you or course! So if you have trouble identifying and challenging your beliefs, you may need the objectivity of a professional or suitable coach.

Change is stepping into a new comfort zone

You will change because you care for something greater than what you have.  Caring enables you to embrace the risk of a new future; it means exposing yourself. I firmly believe it is the level of risk we embrace that determines the level of satisfaction we enjoy.

“Now” is the only life you have. Yesterday’s glories and tragedies are non-existent. Tomorrow is dependent on your Today.  You have this moment’s breath of life in you at any time.

While we can get passionate about ‘changing the world’, the greatest and most important change is to ourselves. Courage to constantly challenge our beliefs and status quo; courage to love others (force never changed anyone!). There is a verse in the Bible that nails the way to embrace a new future: “don’t be conformed to (the spirit of) this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

If you or your organization wants something different from what you are getting now, then the source and what you feed your mind with is of critical importance.