“NOBLE  (No-Bull) SALES”

Sales is a Noble Profession…ideal for people with high character.

I have been in Sales and Sales Management for over 20 years, having won numerous International Awards and National Awards for Personal and Team Performance.  I am proud to say I always created win/win commitments and relationships.I was proud of the level of trust I built and the results I got without the typical ‘close’.

But I thought I was a bit ‘odd’; what worked for me consistently was often different from what the other ‘sales experts’ taught…. I since learned the psychology behind why my ways worked and so much popular sales ‘lore’ doesn’t.

“Driving Sales Performance” is the topic of the hour, but it is poorly understood, trained and therefore fulfilled on. Hence often low performance and morale, sales teams not blending with other teams and losing your best people to ‘more attractive’ offers.

Sales is not about talking people into things. It is an exchange of value and requires trust.

In Principle Centred Leadership, Stephen Covey explores trust:

Trust is built on the 3 C’s:Competence, Character, Connection

I was taught by some of the best in sales. The most important sale we had to make in Direct Selling was an intangible – persuading someone to join the business (to sell and build their own business). It was deemed essential for recruiting a suitable Consultant to “close, get the signature (commitment)” before leaving the interview. Why was it then that most of the people I took that far made a commitment and activated without me exerting that pressure? I often left the interview with all but their signature, confident they would start as I had done my job well. The difference was, I left them with actions to take, they were mentally already started and on the road. I could afford to not make a big deal of the signature. Who needs extra pressure when they are looking at something life changing? My ‘gut feel’ was right on target, they invariably began their own businesses and I enjoyed a high retention rate.

So a sale is not about making that close. It is about someone seeing your offering as worth changing for, worth taking a risk on, offering them best value (the value they value the most).

That is one part of the sale. I know I always walked away confidently and proudly, knowing I had positioned my customer well for a successful buy. There would be no nasty surprises and I had mentally armed him or her for the resistance they would inevitably get from a caring loved one (those with the greatest influence!). Because I had a conviction about delivering value, whether I was selling a tangible or intangible, I bore the confidence of knowing I stood on good ground all the way. There was no bending honour and respect. Yes I studied and practiced my craft thoroughly, but it was servant to the values I ran with.

What I call ‘true sales’, is noble and a great profession. A ‘true salesperson’ knows how to craft a conversation, match needs convincingly and get action.  A masterful salesperson serves others and is not blinded by ego. Surprisingly?

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