Steve Jobs’ passing has inspired a wave of reflection on visionary leadership;  I also honour him. This is a timely opportunity to each reflect on our personal leadership.  An article in my “United for Change” LinkedIn Group this morning sparked my following thoughts, which I deliberately write in first person….

The trick with personal leadership is… that I am not following, I lead my own thoughts, beliefs and feelings, the game and battles are mine, the creation is for me to dream, desire, adjust and persist with. I fall, fail, adjust and rise despite the circumstances and environment. It is me who determines my beliefs, I am at cause and I am frequently out of step with those I care about or who hold power.

I can take advice and look to the wise, but I don’t live someone else’s reflection or parrot another’s voice.  I live authentically in my own convictions and unique power to create and execute.  But not proudly as if infallible.  That defines my capacity to lead.

Yet I cannot achieve what I see without others.  My dreams are limited by my capacity to enrol others….others who must be afforded the same respect and space for their personal leadership. I am – and can become – only as great as the power I give others. It’s risky. But that’s leadership.

Can you believe this is easy? …in that when you are authentic with yourself and aligned with your vision, life is ease-y.

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