The vital quality leaders must cultivate in teams is Hope and Creativity. This is critical around Sales.

If 2011 fell short of your goals or you want a new level of outcomes in 2012, this Key is for you.

Through 2011 I exercised an attitude of gratitude. It was also a tough year, not an ideal place to start from, but… actually the hard place is exactly the right place to practice gratitude.

I began with writing daily statements of gratitude, and reflecting on my blessings – material, emotional and spiritual resources. This transformed my energy and resilience levels. Gratitude is the mother of creativity and my creativity had taken a deep dive over several very difficult years.

So I focussed on what I had, not on what was missing, and gave thanks for abundance. My consciousness shifted to limitless supply from my Source and I began experiencing this as a perfect benevolent Father of infinite wisdom and resource. My part was to ask, and give thanks in confidence of resources being there at the right time.  That proved true for the entire year. Some business leaders already understand that what I was experiencing was faith, the language of the fourth dimension. Like it or not, life is of more than what you see.

The next challenge was turning my silent conversations and reflections into verbal expression. The fact I felt resistance to verbalizing told me this was intrinsic to creating a new future.

Have you felt the crushing diminishment from your partner’s cutting words? Or felt the life-giving breath of  hope and belief verbalized? “Life and death lie in the power of the tongue”, particularly when reinforced by repetition or emotion. It’s serious stuff to your bottom line.

Since you are responsible for your success, you must first take responsibility of your self talk. That can be quite nasty.  A regular stream of devaluing, critical thoughts towards anyone is a red alert for creating the most dangerous environment to a Sales team.

Here is where you insert gratitude. As you acknowledge, praise and give thanks for anything good – present, past and future – everyone’s sense of wellbeing rises.

Gratitude is the birthplace of hope, which is inexplicably tied with creativity.

Creativity with vision is the hotbed of Sales excellence.

The key to creating your new Sales success begins in the leader’s heart and mind. The commitments, claims and assumptions you make are directly prophetic to the outcome. To change the tide of 2011 and create a new future means consciously clarifying, envisioning and stroking new dreams and desires. Support this with verbalizing generously and you actually bring the future forward through the weight of words and intent you speak.