When an average role costs up to 3 times the annual salary to replace, and a senior role costs up to 10 times the annual salary to replace – hiring is a big deal. A new level of thinking around recruitment is vital to ensure your hiring dollar is working hard.

  1. Does the person handling your recruiting grasp the strategy behind each role?
  2. Does your recruiter really know the talents and motivations required for excellence in the role?
  3. When we know it is attitude that makes or breaks a hire, is it worth risking this investment to gut instinct?

Your business’ attitude and standards around recruitment is closely linked to your return on hiring investment.

Keys for Superior Recruitment

  1. Aligning roles with Board strategy
  2. Defining which skills, knowledge and experience are negotiable and non-negotiable
  3. Identifying the ‘hard-wired’ talents that will enable excellent performance in the role
  4. Measuring attitudes  in short-listed candidates that give an inside view into how they will act under pressure

Liz brings over 20 years’ exceptional track record identifying, developing and retaining talent in a sales environment. As a business owner she understands what financial risk and productivity means. Liz’s 100% success rate for lasting placements in 4 years’ niche IT recruitment demonstrates her skills and insights in the process.

Checklist for Recruitment Excellence

  • Outsource some of the recruitment process
  • Ensure your role descriptions target the ideal candidate’s motivations and talents
  • Make your advertisements targeted – requires solid marketing and writing skills
  • Don’t rely solely on technology for applicant screening
  • Thorough verbal Reference checks
  • Measure attitude before you make a bad hire – ‘gut feeling’ can be costly
  • Differentiate your company in the hiring experience – it’s free marketing

Noone is perfect. Recruitment is about assessing risk and getting the most important things right. An internal Human Resource recruiter has a vastly different set of motivations and skills than a quality Recruitment Consultant. The specialist Recruiter’s pace, drive and focus is on a different plane. Competitive organizations use both, either outsourcing parts or the entire process. strong