Position Doesn’t Make a Leader

Owning a Formula-1 vehicle doesn’t make you a racing driver. And having an Executive title doesn’t make you a leader. Leadership is not caught or inherited.

The quandary for many people in leadership positions is suspecting you need this development but thinking it is weakness to acknowledge. The opposite is true – it takes courage and self awareness to recognize and act on this.

Our instant gratification society thinks “if I get a leadership role I will do what leaders do, then I’ll be a great leader”. However the opposite is true!

Leadership begins in the mind with vision, purpose and commitment. It begins with a state of  being, a consciousness in the present. Only from there can you begin doing what leaders do, so that you get the influence a leader has.

Business and departments are overwhelmingly managed by titled followers rather than leaders who communicate a compelling vision and path forward. Symptoms include decisions deferred, plans not actioned, inertia, blame, excuses, denial, manipulation.

So when was the mob ever right?

Leadership is not a certain style or set of steps. But it is characterized by certain traits, which can be developed. These traits can be measured using the Integrity and Values Profile, which is then used to move leaders forward through coaching.

Leaders are Initiators

The highest leverage activity you can do is develop your capacity and skills to lead. Leadership is a lonely path, the hardest step leading yourself. I have walked this path also. But if you have this desire, it is up to you to initiate the first step to realizing your potential. Don’t wait for others. Act now.

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