Lead Generation from Your Website… $$$

An internet marketing guru, Ron Mahabir, says, “Your online marketing strategy should be very niche to generate cost-effective traffic with a high conversion rate”. YES! (“but how and how easy/expensive?”)
He continues, “once you are confident on (
your unique value proposition and your differentiation in terms of quality, delivery, pricing and other aspects), your website has to immediately convey the primary benefits and credibility of your service clearly enough for potential customers to pursue further” .

Does your website generate and convert leads like that?

The problem with website marketing is the sheer volume of your website content that has to be changed. Is it compelling enough to give their contact details? Does it get the numbers visiting and converting to sales? Is information distracting visitors from what they want to buy?  So how do you find those niche prospects, and get them to a website that appeals and doesn’t confuse?  A brilliant website and a brilliant lead generating page are 2 different things.

Over the last few months I’ve got involved with a terrific (free) group with Linchpin Academy that turns the tide on your internet marketing. We have fortnightly phone meetings, with top participants so far from UK-US-Egypt-Aust-NZ. Note, I only recommend invaluable opportunities for Small Business owner and Entrepreneurs.

Behind the fortnight phone meetings is a Membership group that delivers exceptional Benefits:

  • Build lead-generating websites at leas than UK60 per website
  • Mastermind group ( no more working in isolation) 
  • Compelling and creative content know-how and support
  • Multi media content know-how/support and copywriting support
  • Social media know-how and support
  • SEO know-how and support
  • Website facility access (worth US$950!)

Here is a recent recording of a meeting, featuring one of our members who received powerful feedback from us all just a few weeks ago. He has since done something radically new and inexpensive without the exhaustive changes he would have to do otherwise on his company website.