Do you get frustrated trying a particular task and you keep falling on your face? How disheartening it is when you try and try again, and still fail. Sales people know all about this (behind closed doors). Here’s something to explore…

Every action is created by thought, and every thought is born in your beliefs. This means every action you do was created from your thoughts, and those thoughts came directly from what you believe.

Remember that dreaded task? The one that keeps tripping you up? Try it again today but this time listen to your self-talk. From the moment you start thinking about it to its completion. Go deeper, ask yourself why you expected “this or that” outcome… why you questioned yourself… would you expect to find this thinking in a winner?

If you Lead People

If it is one of your team members who is performing poorly, there is no point adding more skills without working on attitude, mindset and beliefs. Without working on beliefs you are shortcircuiting the successful outcome you want.

There is nothing more certain.