Don’t bother training people if you don’t work on attitude.  Mindset, not skills, sets people up for success or failure.
In July 2011 I took my first steps in a huge journey. After several sedentary years resulting loss of strength loss and weight gain, I went to my first yoga lesson. My daughter was a new Instructor and I wanted to support her. My attitude had always been “I hate exercise” (truly) and yoga was HARD! I dreaded every class, the heat, heavy sweat and exertion. But I had enough attitude to changing myself that I somehow came back every week; I then realized it would become easier if I came 2-3 times a week…I discovered critical attitudes of resistance in me to certain kinds of change and challenge, that I never knew were holding me back.  To get through every practice I had to be present, highly self aware yet ZERO self consciousness. The yoga studio was the first time in my life I shed self consciousness. Gradually my mind and body (long ago divorced) got back together! …the asthma that plagued me for years disappeared, weight started dropping, I felt more energized, loved to eat well… And I began to see and feel some powerfully good things in myself – resolve, strength, tenacity – breaking my own barriers every moment.
I began enjoying the process as I liked the results. So at Easter I added gym to my new lifestyle and established a routine of 5 total sessions each week. 16 months from my first exhausting yoga session, my strength and flexibility is light years ahead of the downward spiralling of my health and lifestyle and 19 kg have melted away so far.
While my daughter is an outstanding Yoga Instructor and I am integrating the postures and skills, the sole reason for success in my life-changing journey has been my attitude. Without taking responsibility for my attitude moment-by-moment in postures that stretched me far beyond my limits, all the knowledge and training would have been academic.  Attitude! Yes!
There is nothing that builds self respect and confidence like breaking through lifetime barriers and becoming the person you love to be.