In this high achieving world we’re pretty tough these days, we push ourselves and get through.

But what is that One Thing that hits you in the gut, dissembles your inner unshakeableness?

Most of the time we have our personal fortress from where we operate. Everyone has a chink in their armour, and if you are keen to grow, guaranteed you will be hit there sometimes. Like a dagger, piercing through your well honed skills into your soft heart tissue. Someone knows exactly where to stick that dagger and twist, with the aim to take you out.

The question is – what will you do? This is an ambush and a good ambush comes when you are least expecting. It can be life and death – life or death of dreams, progress, territory gained, confidence, self belief.

I’ve got my One Thing. For some years it took me out a lot, destroying my productivity and dismantling my inner stability. Outwardly I kept going but inside was anguish. The problem is, the ability to create, project strategically and be authentically enthusiastic and energy-filled doesn’t work when you are in that state. In fact, if you don’t channel this upset properly it becomes a time bomb, even empowering the next hit.

So I changed my life. Not just like that. I started with a first step, against my default settings, and kept going, one instance at a time. I knew I needed to create a new default.

Transformation takes time and practice. A new habit becomes your friend. The process becomes as important as the goal. In fact, it’s the process that causes success and the goal becomes a natural outcome. I knew this in sales! It’s a life thing.

I had that One Thing hit me again the last few days, it’s been twisting in my soft heart flesh this morning. I’ve also been feeling bad about not getting the level of physical activity I’ve been practising for the lasts 2 years. A new work contract, tighter routine, I need to walk the dog… all those good reasons excuses. “I have hard core yoga tonight, don’t want to wear out my muscles and joints for that”… blah blah…

So today I made another decision from my new self. I went to my new default ( a Work In Progress) and went to gym: one thing only, as much to reinforce the activity habit. On to the rowing machine, which I don’t mind. Max resistance, a good pace of 33-35 km p/hr, no self hate (driving) but healthy strong effort towards a lifestyle of mobility and freedom.

Instead of my normal 15 minutes (with other curcuit) I kept going to 30 minutes. I was happy with 5 km at that rate, maintaining good breathing and strong core posture. Go Lizzie!

I walk out of the gym feeling good about myself. That dagger lost its sting. I’ve stimulated the good chemistry, reinforced my self respect. So I reward myself with a great latte at  ‘Corinthians’, our hot new local espresso bar, and even slung it down with a short black Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Noice.

What is it is that Takes you Out?

It is likely a secret because you know it has done its damage before.

Do you have a healthy strategy to move beyond it, move from its deadly thrust? It is easy to run, most people people will turn to a numbing substance or experience. It could be over-work, alcohol, non-intimate sex, TV – any kind of distraction.

I encourage you to face your demon, this nasty little dagger that knows your exact point of extreme pain. Knowing it for what it is – a strategy against becoming your Ultimate – takes half its power. Most of it is a lie and deception, but the pain this One Thing inflicts is deadly real.

If my story resonates with you, don’t wait any longer. Do something different. Arm yourself with a strategy, and trust the power of process (a new habit). There is a hugely wise saying, “the truth will set you free”. And it’s true!

But moving into new territory sometimes means getting a helping hand. Seek out an objective, wise person with wisdom, compassion and will hold you accountable to the truth. Don’t let that nasty little One Thing hold you from being your true best self.

Living less than this isn’t living. Why not become your Ultimate?