Your Success is our Success

Lateral Insights provides tailored professional development programs for senior and mid professionals, managers, business owners and entrepreneurs. You are given expert focussed attention and leading edge knowledge. Your goals are our

Linchpin Skills development

Leaders know how to leverage – their influence, relationships, and time. These skills are not genetic nor automatic, but they can be learned. Learning to think and act like a leader is made up of simple steps, but not easy. When you do learn this, you will shatter your glass ceilings but it will be more like gliding through liquid.

Leadership is simple to recognize; people follow you – because they want to, not because of power. Authentic personal and interpersonal skills are crucial. They start with mindset, so it means learning new ways to think about problems, if you are to bring new solutions. Lateral Insights’ personalized approach to development is intentional and highly effective. It is the result of many years of deep experience, reflection, and walking the talk. Whether you are a senior manager, looking for career change or just starting a business, we can help you bring in new results in quality and quantity.

If you want your career or business to be at next level in a time frame, what are you waiting for? 

How a coaching relationship works

You engage a Coach who is external to your work for a specific period of time and meet at scheduled intervals. An excellent Coach is the ‘question asker’, not directive or prescriptive, neither does the thinking that is required for the coachee to move forward.  The Coach challenges the thinking of the coachee and stretches his or her horizons. The relationship is not about ‘helping’ as the objective is to empower the coachee and provoke the flame of your own genius. The coachee is responsible and accountable to implement the learning.

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