Inter-Generational Synergy

GenY and Baby Boomer Management Connect for Growth

In a time of massive change, digital natives have a huge advantage. The world has gone digital – it’s not about new tools but a whole different way of thinking.

GenY are in your offices, and in 5 years will be your Managers, or even the new Owner. But presently Baby Boomers and GenY clash! or are quietly non-productive.

One thing is certain – nothing will ever go back to how it was. Getting frustrated, ignoring the issues, avoiding hiring GenY – won’t make it go away.

Two Big Issues:

  1. GenY are here to stay. They are a vital part of your business, but they think and act different. Close on their heels is GenZ – thought to be like ‘GenY on steroids’.
  2. Baby Boomer business owners are 5-10 years from moving out, retiring. The next owner will be 32 or 24. They voice: “How do we interact so we can get the right people so we can walk away?”
This gap must be bridged.  We must start the conversation.

The message:

We’re looking for GenY thinking in GenY management. Structured workshops where we invite your GenYs to come in and say how they would run the company they work for.

In facilitated workshops, GenY can constructively voice all the structural issues and problems they see, and have free rein on how they would redesign their company. They dismantle structures that don’t work, that are costing the company and change what makes sense, so it becomes three times more profitable. They discuss and validate their ideas, go back and pitch their findings to Senior Managers, “If this was my company this is what I’d do…”

How it works:

(1). Liz facilitates 2 GenY-exclusive workshops, in a GenY-friendly style.

GenY voice their issues and problems, have open discussion about the things they would do if it was their business. This constructively starts a new conversation with GenYs switched on like never before.

(2). Simultaneously, Liz facilitates 2 parallel workshops for Baby Boomer managers/ owners.

In a facilitated constructive environment, they can bring out their frustrations, questions and identify the core issues with GenY employees.

Content includes a background discussion on the Generational characteristics, how they think, why the traditional management approach perpetuates the gap, and dispel some mis-beliefs that will surprise Baby Boomers. We begin a new journey of mutual respect and productivity.

(3). In the final workshop,  GenY pitch their ideas to their manager or a group of Managers/Partners, facilitated by Liz as a ‘bridge’ for the process.

Business outcomes:

This program will be the most constructive, inspiring exercise every cross-generational business can do. It opens the door to real communication and develops mutual respect, greater productivity and true team spirit. Old structures that no longer make sense and are costing the company can be changed with cooperation and collaboration, so it becomes far more profitable.

Contact Liz now to discuss your GenY-BabyBoomer challenge.