Sales Success Transformation

Strategic Networking, Lead Generation and  Awesome Sales

Workshops 2 hours each

1. “The 7 Keys to Networking Success” – Essential understanding of the Networking process, practical strategies and skills, systems and essential attitude.

2. The Strategic Networker – Don’t wait for events! A fresh approach to networking; strategy, leverage and how to reach the right people. Develop a system for networking follow up and Referrals –make appointments that stick.

3. Your Target Market and Niche – Identify your target market and niche before starting any marketing! We  profile the important dimensions of your Target Customer and learn how to connect this with your passion.

4. Your compelling message – How to attract attention and desire for your service/product; how to grow referrals. Develop a meaningful, attention-grabbing phrase that presents your business’ unique offering. A major building block in attracting new clients.

5. Benefits & Objections – Essential sales skills for every client-facing person. Learn how to talk about your service/product and handle objections in a way that gets you more sales!

6. Powerful Sales Presentations and Meetings – Make sure they produce results with essential Connecting skills that drive action.

7. Converting Prospect to Sales – Keys from the direct selling industry. The path and steps you take your prospects on so thy want to buy from you. ‘Closing’ the sale – how to get action without being pushy. How to get a sale without a signature.

8. Service that wins New Customers – Build a culture of attraction, captivate your customers’ loyalty, win advocates

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