Ultimate Entrepreneurial Mindset-Skills

Workshops – 2 hours each

1. How a mother of four  built a multi-million dollar business from her home in a small country town. Stories of personal growth, vision, juggling and swapping roles, goal achievement in recession and crisis, lessons from success and failure. Authentically doing life and business with integrity.

2. Secrets of successful Goal-setters – Take your Vision to Reality. The truth about setting and achieving goals, setting yourself up for success, going from strength to strength. Cutting through all the ‘folklore’ about goals.

3. Getting More Things Done – self management for the business owner without burning out. Time, energy, sustaining motivation; traps that trip up business owners.

4. Thriving in the emotional Roller coaster of building a business – Resilience, creativity and endurance in change. Lessons in self leadership.

5. Work in Your Strengths – Self Awareness workshop. Includes doing your StrengthsFinder 2.0 Profile – identify your key personal Strengths. What it means to you and building a powerful team (+$10/Profile).

6. Difficult People and Difficult Conversations – When you employ people, work with your partner or have working relationships, keeping communication ‘clean’ and managing conflict is a must. Vital strategies and tools to avoid or clear up a toxic relationship.

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