Career Reinvention

  • What career step would make the most difference to life in 3 years?
  • Does your current position feel like you’re trapped?
  • Will your position thrive in the revolution of AI and Cloud?

Career must serve your life purpose, talents and strengths; what else could be worthy?

To live a fulfilling life takes self-knowledge and personal vision. Key elements are a clear understanding of your strengths, and willingness to confront the areas that undermine you. It’s time to take stock.

Vision is imagining the future as you want it

Procrastination, feelings of being drained, bored or dis-spirited are certain signs of need to review your life and career, to re-visit your personal vision, internal compass, dreams and purpose. Our experiences is that vision is often misunderstood and even more poorly implemented. But living without a clear vision is hazardous and costly.

A deeply rewarding path starts with one step

A rewarding career path will still zigzag, but the key is to know where and how to correct. Stepping up like this might require working with a coach skilled in transformation. Such professional advancement is not about intellectual knowledge but integration of insights into daily challenges.

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