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the We coach and mentor professionals and entrepreneurs in leadership capability, wisdom and success habits that produce measurable results

Leadership has little to do with position. People follow leaders because they want to, and are therefore willingly give more than is required. 

Leaders are trustworthy, truthful and draw others into visionary endeavour. 

Leadership is for you – if you have the courage and determination for greater goals. 

Coaching and Mentoring

Your best coach is a person you can connect with and trust. Liz’s approach doesn’t come out of a textbook or second-hand theory but is bedded in decades of proven experience. She imparts leadership mindset and application from proven personal and professional breakthroughs.  

What to expect

The coach is aQuestion Asker, does not tell you what to do, but stimulates the thinking of the coachee and shares insights beyond previous limits. The relationship is not so much helping as positioning and higher level skills to achieve highly desired outcomes.

Career Reinvention

  • Are you trapped in your current position?
  • Will you be in demand in the revolution of new industry and business models?
  • What career step would make the most difference to life in 2 years?

To live from one’s best takes self-knowledge and vision. Then comes a clear understanding of your strengths and willingness to confront the areas that undermine.

Re-imagine a future you’ll love

Certain signs of needing to reassess your career are procrastination, feeling drained, bored or dis-spirited. Vision is often poorly understood and purpose neglected, so it’s no surprise you feel jaded or frustrated at work. Living without a clear vision aligned to purpose is hazardous and costly.

A rewarding path is one step away

With coaching, a rewarding career path may zigzag, but you will learn where and how to correct. You’ll step up and show up. Such professional advancement is not rooted in academic knowledge but the integration of insights into daily work.

Leadership Profiling

We choose the Integrity and Values Leadership Profile to take the guesswork out of your people decisions, often verifying ‘gut instinct’. This premium tool provides comprehensive data, thereby providing a solid basis on which to make informed people decisions.

The tool uniquely highlights developmental areas to focus coaching and provides leaders with unique insights enabling them to further support and grow their people. It provides a map to create solid succession plans for leaders and their organisations.

Leadership Profiling provides results in key areas:
  • Personal Integrity and Values
  • Self Management
  • Work or Task Focus
  • Relationship Management
  • Vision
  • Impression Management
The Integrity and Values tool depicts:
  • What the individual’s ‘default style’ is under pressure
  • What their personal level of integrity is
  • How they manage themselves, their work and their relationships
  • How forward thinking they are
  • How honest they are about themselves and
  • How hard they work to make an impression, whether good or bad

Group Training | Presenter | Facilitator

When you want:

  • targeted outcomes
  • bold brainstorming and innovation
  • new business generated
  • connect with a wide range of audiences,

Liz Blake is an engaging speaker with 30 years’ experience in persuasive presenting, facilitation, training, performing and MC. 

Liz’s ability to engage audiences and inspire action is drawn from conducting thousands of successful presentations in sales, training and motivational workshops, promotional and education seminars, and many years of musical performance in bands.

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