Written References and Recommendations

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  • Co-Founder/MD Le Reve International  (MD 10 years):

“Every once in a while someone comes along with just ‘that’ quality that has you pay attention to whatever she says and does. 

“As co-founder, past joint Managing Director, and Marketing Director of Le Reve, for around a decade I observed the quintessential Liz Blake turn timid and shy ‘wall flowers’ into people brimming with confidence, self-possession and achievement. I’ve seen first-hand how she assists them grow into shoes they thought they would never ever fit. I’ve watched her recruit, train and develop, support, motivate, and lead both large and small teams of people diverse in age, talent and culture, leading from the front every step of the way. And the key, telling ingredient that sets a true leader apart from a ‘want-to-be’ leader? — inspired, they wanted to follow. 

“Liz Blake is a woman of rare capacity and excellence. She comes with my highest recommendation. ”