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We help more people be number one.


  • Entrepreneur leadership
  • Business excellence
  • Communication mastery

Problem & Promise

Our clients break through performance, expectation and ability to multiply. They are action oriented and responsive to highly qualified advice and coaching, forged in niche experience, training and insight.

  • Get more control in outcomes
  • Reposition for today’s disruptive environment
  • Learn new skills for new options.

Stop being crowded out by the noise of competition. Equip yourself for ambitious goals and fulfilment.

Build your income earning capacity in today’s unpredictable, shifting environment.

Liz unlocks potential and unleashes peak performance. If you are ambitious and teachable, contact us and let’s establish if we are a fit for your transformation.


‘Lateral Insights’

The name, Lateral Insights, was a special collaboration with Liz’s children, who had watched her all their lives. The name captures Liz’s mode of lateral thinking, wisdom and insights, her ability to quickly shift across logical analysis and creativity.


With over 30 years depth and breadth of experience developing effective leaders and teams, and expertise across several industry domains, Liz identifies what is blocking peak performance, diagnose an effective remedy, and help you move forward to break through.

International Awards
Gold records on Personal & Team Performance