Leadership Potency

Our mission is to Invigorate and refine leaders to distinction and be in-demand as potent agents in their work life.

We help ambitious leaders to expand, using potent frameworks for career/communication positioning.

Founded on the bedrock and creative force of universal values.

We bring Leadership Potency to Professional roles, Entrepreneurs, Political movements.

Stand out from the crowd in the market and at work. Be equipped to achieve the inspirational.

  • Increase influence where it matters
  • Achieve where it matters
  • Build teams of initiative and creativity
  • Increase your value with advanced communication skills
  • Work in flow amidst continuous disruption
  • Sustain success


Unlock Potential, Establish Excellence

  • Liz unlocks potential and unleashes peak performance
  • Helps entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd, not ignored and invisible
  • Builds sustainable performance through powerful coaching frameworks
  • Leading edge online marketing strategy
  • Political movement strategy.

Why Lateral Insights?

The name came out of a special collaboration with Liz’s children, who had watched and sometimes worked for their mum in her diverse client focussed businesses. Lateral Insights felt right. It incorporated Liz’s lateral thinking mode, her perceptive insights, and ease in shifting across polar opposites.

Effectiveness Over Efficiency

With over 30 years depth of experience developing productive leaders and tight-knit teams, with expertise across several domains, Liz is quickly able to identify the blockages to peak performance, diagnose an effective remedy, and help you break through for exciting results.

FInalist 2015 Wyndham Business Awards
International Awards
Gold records on Personal & Team Performance