It’s a choice

Achievement is not limited to the highly talented; it is an option anyone can take. Achievement – of what you want – starts with conscious, intentional inner activity and comes out equivalent to your inner world.

The 7th Mental Law wraps it all up, but it’s all hot air if we don’t do something about it.  So we will end with putting all these ideas to work…

The Law of Mental Equivalency

Thoughts objectify themselves.

Your thoughts vividly imagined and repeated, charged with emotion, become your reality. Almost everything that you have in your life has been created by your own thinking, for better or worse.

You act in a manner consistent with what you are thinking most of the time. You eventually become what you think about.

If you change your thinking, you change your life.

Everything that happens in your life first begins and takes place in the form of a thought. This is why thoughtfulness is a key quality of successful men and women.

When you begin thinking in a positive, confident way about main aspects of your life, you take control over what is happening to you.

You bring your life in harmony with cause and effect. You begin to believe more intensely in yourself and your possibilities. You expect more positive outcomes.

You attract positive people and situations, and soon your outer life of results will begin to correspond to your inner world of constructive thinking.

This entire transformation begins with your thoughts. Change your thinking, change your feelings and state, and you will – you must – change your life.

The one thing you must do is to create the mental equivalent of what you want to experience in your reality. Everything else will follow from that.

Putting These Ideas to Work


Family, friends, colleagues – What is in your attitudes, beliefs, expectations and behaviour that contributes to your problems with people? You cannot change anyone else; you can only change how you deal with it.

  Parent point the finger: “you should…” Win/lose Dominate
All in one day Adult negotiate Win/win  
  Child stamp, get cross:
“I want/don’t want you to…”
Lose/lose Want to be dominated


What are your ideas and beliefs about your level of fitness, your weight, personal appearance, diet and rest?


Where you are: What are your thoughts, beliefs, expectations about your position, progress, income, the quality of your work, and the amount of satisfaction you get from what you do? (Or are you in an area of complacency?)

Financial Achievement

What would you like to increase or improve? What are your beliefs and expectations concerning your material well-being? How much would you like to earn and why? (+/- 10% income will make you feel uncomfortable). You need to replace yourself every year.

Quality of inner life

Your thoughts, your feelings, peace of mind and happiness: Your belief system, attitudes and expectations are creating your world today. Which do you need to change?

In Summary

A dull achievement level is easy to blame on an external source – circumstance, the company, the boss, a colleague, family, even yourself. But moving ahead starts with taking responsibility: “Where am I at cause?” It’s only when we put our justification and excuses aside (the story) and look nakedly at our inner world, do we get the power to start a change.

There are phases in life, there are circumstances and there are sometimes heavy emotional baggage from the past.  But there is also complacency and a kind of ‘comfort’ in staying in pain or inertia. Everything has a cost, and the Big Question is always, “Which price are you willing to pay?” 

I picture a rut as a ‘grave with the ends kicked out’. I suspect that if you’ve had the interest to read this topic through to here, it is likely you are aware of being in a rut and wanting to climb out. If that is the case, I’d love to hear from you. I’ve been there. I can also assure you the rush and vitality from being in the full stream of life, new purpose and achievement again is dazzling.


Notes taken from Mental Laws from “Maximum Achievers”, by Brian Tracey.)