Leadership Profile

We choose the very robust, Integrity and Values Leadership Profile as the foundation measure to helping leaders lift tangible results. This Profile takes the guesswork out of decisions, often verifying ‘gut instinct’. This premium tool provides comprehensive data, thereby providing a solid basis on which to make informed people decisions.

The tool uniquely highlights developmental areas to focus coaching and provides leaders with unique insights enabling them to further support and grow their people. It provides a map to create solid succession plans for leaders and their organisations.

Leadership Profiling provides results in key areas:
  • Personal Integrity and Values
  • Self Management
  • Work or Task Focus
  • Relationship Management
  • Vision
  • Impression Management
The Integrity and Values tool depicts:
  • What the individual’s ‘default style’ is under pressure
  • What their personal level of integrity is
  • How they manage themselves, their work and their relationships
  • How forward thinking they are
  • How honest they are about themselves and
  • How hard they work to make an impression, whether good or bad