‘Tall Poppy’ Radio Show Interview

Tathra Street, creator and host of ‘Tall Poppy’, recently interviewed Liz about her focus in leadership. Here is the link to the interview, and the Show introduction here:

Liz Blake of Lateral Insights is a very accomplished leadership consultant and business mentor. She takes us into the depths of her own journey to understand her work, and how transformation can happen on a personal level and impact our whole lives, our work, our future, and ultimately our relationship with our selves and our world. That is, how leverage points in one area can have a ripple effect across our whole lives. Incorporating tools like Strengths Finder, Integrity and Values, and working with Emotional Intelligence to integrate with a range of intelligences resulting in clarity and authenticity. As someone who really walks her talk, she takes us through servant leadership and ultimately, a deep self-leadership and self-love. Liz shares the leadership traits that are vital to success and which one is impossible to succeed beyond a certain level.  We talked about impression management, how it can be detrimental to leadership, and self-awareness, specifically of what we default to, our values and strengths. She brings compassionate brutal honesty to being a quiet leader of leaders.”