Areas of Mastery

  1. Challenges Consulting (the #1 Marketing Strategy)
  2. Executive Coach and Business Mentor
  3. Degrees in Management, International Relations, Politics & Policy
  4. Learning Design and Delivery (Natural Therapies Business Practice) 
  5. Homemaker to Multi-million dollar International Sales leader
  6. Mother of 4, grandmother of 10
  7. Continual Reinvention

For around 30 years I have built businesses from scratch and helped others build their own enterprises.

For 16 years I built and led a large sales organisation of award-winning teams around Australia-NZ. I trained, coached and mentored leaders and thousands of consultants before the ease of email was popular in homes. I continually led from the front with high performance. My first reinvention was into corporate Melbourne working solo in end-to-end IT Consulting for 3 1/2 years. After the GFC I began my own own business, coaching professionals and entrepreneurs and attaining a Graduate Certificate in Management. My clients’ breakthroughs excited me, who came in through word of mouth and my networking.

Seeking further intellectual challenge, I began fulltime University and graduated with Distinction (International Relations, Politics and Policy Studies), 2018. Meanwhile, I maintained volunteer mentor/advisory roles in entrepreneurship programs for Local Council. I had planned to move into large corporate or government, but again the winds of change blew with a remarkable convergence in March 2020!

I felt strongly called back into Entreprenuership, this time globally at the bleeding edge of Consulting in Challenges, the #1 marketing strategy today. My vision took shape into spearheading truthfulness in the industry while being highly effective, and raising up many others the same. While organisations were shaken of crushed through pandemic response, I recognised my strength in crisis and was energised to help solve new problems.

The work world has changed forever; business models are broken. Internet usage has changed, old strategies ineffective. Business is in uncharted waters, needing guidance with strategies and implementation by expertise proven through the 2020 crisis. The need for seasoned expertise as mine for reinvention and transformative career positioning, is at alltime high. My ‘call’ back to frontline is distinct and surprisingly exciting.

My experience as mother of four and ten grandchildren grounds me in reality and ambitious vision. These elements – with my history of proactivity, learning and adaptation, transformation and resilience – are the authority I bring to hellp my clients get what they want.

Our Toolbox

  • Certified Partner Crush-it With Challenges
  • Challenges Mastermind member
  • Certified 100X Coach
  • Accredited User Integrity & Values Leadership Profile
  • StrengthsFinder Profile
  • The Big Five Personality Profile
  • Learning design and delivery
  • Mentor Advisory for Entrepreneur Programs (Local Council)
  • CPA Branches, Business/Professional Women’s Networks
  • Foundation member of CEO Institute forefront Syndicate

Timeless sayings:

  • The quality of your questions determines the quality of your life
  • If you help others get what they want, and you’ll get what you want 
One Executive in IT said:

“Liz is particularly good at uncovering compelling value in people, determining exceptional fit for individuals within teams, and uncovering the root cause that blocks passionate performance… Liz understands the value of her providing advice as an outsider”.

My favourite nurturing space
The day my body-mind transformation began
"Presenting for Sales" - Hobsons Bay City Council