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Lateral Insights provides personalised, focussed professional development for industry/business professionals and entrepreneurs who recognise the benefits of external, objective guidance. What got you to your level of attainment is also what stops you from breaking through to the next level. And our success is measured by your success.

Purposeful Leadership

Leaders are visionaries whom people voluntarily follow. They leverage influence, relationships, and time. And it’s not a matter of personality. Leadership takes dedicated practice and a level of selflessness. A change in company, role or teams, can put you back onto a lower level of leadership. It is unfortunately common even at senior levels to get cooperation through postion, but this signifies the lowest level of leadership. There is much opportunity between that and developing other leaders, which is a mature leader’s priority. 

Do you behave and make decisions under pressure like a leader that you yourself would follow? This level of mastery takes self discipline and clear alignment with values. It takes authentic interpersonal skills and practices. But it produces the greatest results and adds leveraged value. The ease is operating in flow.

Purposeful leadership calls out ambitious vision and a worthy mission. A coach or mentor who is objective and external is most effective in this journey. Liz brings well over 30 years’ experience in developing leaders at different levels and domains, and is known for her early, accurate insights, and rare ability to impart clear, defined distinctions that make big differences.

Don’t compromise on your leadership growth. 

Discover your most direct path to upgraded identity.

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