Mindset skills for super-productive teams

Two-hour Workshops

1. Inspiring Story – Mum to International sales organisation

Based on Liz’s story as a mother of four in a small country town, how she built a multi-million dollar business from home.  Learn the vital lessons from setting audacious goals and achieving them in recession; the personal growth, vision, juggling and eventual role-swap, lessons of crisis.  

2. Secrets of successful Goal-setters – Take your Vision to Reality

The keys to goal setting and goal getting. Includes ingredients of setting yourself up for success, going from strength to strength, dealing with setbacks. Working with goals effectively makes work fun!

3. Getting More Things Done – self management for the business owner.

The greatest challenge of self-employed is sustaining focus and motivation and not burning out. Learn to navigate the traps that trip up business owners.

4. Stability in the emotional Roller coaster of growing a business.

Learn what nurtures resilience, creativity and endurance in change. This workshop is a gift in self-leadership.

5. Work in Your Strengths – Self Awareness workshop.

Identify your ‘signature’ strengths that can take you to excellence in your work. Each participant will do a StrengthsFinder assessment, and learn how to maximise this in their individual or team performance. This is a powerful workshop for teams (+$15 each per profile).

6. Difficult Conversations or festering resentment?

Conflict at work is not bad in itself, in fact the best and brightest will conflict because they are. But productivity depends on the team’s ability to have ‘clean’ difficult conversations instead of keeping silent and resentment festering. Learning how to hold difficult potential landmine conversations is a must for all teams, at all levels. Learn proven strategies and tools.

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  • Workshop packages available
  • Catering also to small groups (3-6)