Coaching – A Tool of Trade for Professionals and Experts

Engaging a Coach or Mentor is quickly becoming a standard ‘tool of trade’ for professionals and experts.

AI and Other Workplace Upheaval

AI is bringing a tectonic upheaval crashing on top of an already disrupted workplaces and broken business models. Goldman Sachs recently stated that as many as 300 million jobs could be affected by AI (March, 2023). Career adaptability, foresight and judicious career/skills development will be crucial to many professionals and experts’ futures.

Wise risk mitigation points to engaging a Coaching or ‘trusted advisor’ relationship more than ever before. This relationship will become a ‘tool of trade’. Three indicators for our coaching services (Individual or sometimes Small Group) are:

  1. Worried about your role this year in the lightning-speed AI revolution
  2. Uncertain what career step will strengthen or offer you new future options
  3. Trapped in your current position, yet dependent on the 6-figure salary.

It will takes self-knowledge, open-mindedness and vision to find strategies to questions like these. It will require clear understanding of one’s unique set of strengths and the willingness to confront areas that undermine your potential options.

Re-imagine a future you’ll love

Procrastination, feeling drained, bored or dis-spirited are certain signs of loss of purpose. This indicates you may be overdue to reassessing your career or find new vision. It is very costly to persist living without purpose or a clear vision.