“New Ways to Master your Super-busy Lifestyle” (2-part series)

  1. Setting up to Achieve What you Really Want (balance and motivation)
  2. How to Manage Multiple Goals, Calendars and Priorities (control and motivation)

The innovative process we workshop is far beyond a time management course, it’s about how to attain what is really important to you without sacrificing what’s precious. It’s how to manage and monitor all your priorities and calendars, in the dance of ever-changing life, so that you definitely accomplish what you set out to achieve as well as become the person you admire. Be prepared for your motivation, purpose and satisfaction levels to sky-rocket and sustain!

Webinars 1 & 2 build on each other – stepping you through the most powerful goal setting approach, then putting it all together with your calendars in a sustainable way.
Webinar 3 goes deeper into managing yourself through the roller coaster of goal-getting. 

$49 per Session; $79 for both