Client Recommendations

“I engaged Liz as my career coach and mentor after being made redundant from a job and still unhappy in the new company. I could see the same issues, patterns, conflicts and stresses appearing. The breakthrough gained from working with Liz was being able to honestly identify the real causes of those issues and work through them in real time. The big win for me was being able to adapt to opportunities when they arose and lead through disruption and change in a more positive and stress free way.

Liz’s practical, real world approach has allowed me to better recognise and managing particular issues and patterns both in and outside the workplace. Her ability to listen and get to the heart of an issue has been invaluable and ensures that I continue to hold myself accountable at all times, while ensuring I look for positive outcomes, either for me or the team / organisation I am working with.”

Andrew Vinson (Finance Business Partner, NAB)


“Liz is an exceptional executive coach, she helped me to adjust my thinking and self perception, enabling me to remove blockers that had held me back in the past. I particularly valued her strong negotiation and advocacy skills, coaching me to have challenging conversations and convert sales. What worked well for me was her skill in bringing together current thought leadership, tools and research with fostering my own personal vision and objectives for my career.”

Roslyn (Business Development and Commercial Lead in a major Communications corporation)


“Congratulations on your new initiative Liz, this is not surprising given you have always been a great leader in this field. Liz is an extremely considered individual who has always demonstrated a passion to work with, and assist in, the development of our business leaders by giving them the tools to facilitate change in themselves and their organisation.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Liz to assist you.”

Vern Fettke (Executive Chairman, Homestead Financial Group)


“Liz has exceptional interpersonal skills and networking abilities which are quite evident from her strong social network which includes professionals, students, politicians, bureaucrats and social leaders. She is decisive, enthusiastic, ambitious and able to devise strategies appropriate to situations in her client’s best interest.”

Shabbir Wahid (International Trade Consultant and Business Coach, VFS Global Services)


“Over the past two years Liz has been my business coach. Personal development is very important to me so I wanted to invest in myself to address some areas I believed were holding me back both personally and professionally.  One specific breakthrough was in providing negative feedback. It comes easily for me to praise and encourage staff, however providing negative feedback was a whole different story. With Liz’s coaching, for the first time I was able to have a difficult conversation with a staff member in a direct, authentic and professional way.

Being able to clearly talk about the deficiencies in work performance, and in this case tell the person we were not able to work together, took an enormous amount of courage for me. But since that breakthrough moment I have been able to have other frank and open conversations about expectations, performance and areas that needed improvement with other staff. Through seeking this expert guidance, I have been able to push the boundaries which confined me. Liz was able to identify the area that I struggled with most and methodically help me address it, and thus stretch past my previous limitations.”

Sarah Eldridge (Founder, Trinity Bookkeeping Services)


Liz was recommended to me by a friend to help my next career move. From our initial meeting Liz invested time in understanding who I am and what I bring to the table. I found her friendly to deal with but it was when she asked far more questions that I knew she offered more than just resume and cover letter writing. Liz understood my passion and helped me put my best foot forward in tailoring the written pieces by bringing forth strengths which I would have otherwise overlooked. She also helped me prepare myself for the interview, reassuring me at every stage and also showing me how to communicate with impact and truth, thus maximising my chances.

 I can’t thank Liz enough for her assistance. And I got the job I had toiled years for and never managed to cross over to. And I got the job – in the industry I had toiled for years but not been able to get alone.”

P.B. (Equity Analyst, Investment Fund)


“I count myself lucky to have Liz Blake as a mentor. She offers great perspective on how you as a business owner can improve your business, refine your message and connect with your audience. Apart from having great business acumen, Liz also genuinely cares about the people she works with. With unwavering faith, Liz not only encouraged, but inspired me to overcome personal barriers and achieve more in my business.”

I.A. (Consultant in Business Intelligence)


“Every once in a while someone comes along with just ‘that’ quality that has you pay attention to whatever she says and does. As co-founder, past joint Managing Director, and Marketing Director of Le Reve, for around a decade I observed the quintessential Liz Blake turn timid and shy ‘wall flowers’ into people brimming with confidence, self-possession and achievement. I’ve seen first-hand how she assists them grow into shoes they thought they would never ever fit….  And the key, telling ingredient that sets a true leader apart from a ‘want-to-be’ leader? — inspired, they wanted to follow. 

“Liz Blake is a woman of rare capacity and excellence. She comes with my highest recommendation. ”

Rick Morse (Co-Founder Le Reve International), 2015