The last couple of days I have been moved unexpectedly.

In comparison to the grave issues happening around the world at any time, the passing away of a rock legend doesn’t rate. But something affected me and it’s not celebrity. It has surprised me as I had never been a David Bowie follower.

I allow a few business contacts into my personal Facebook space; it’s my place for some unveiled deep thoughts and utter silliness (chatting into cyber space)… But in my world of social media contacts and theirs, something has hit me from the breadth and depth of feeling. Words and sharing video clips that obviously represent deep connections to particular times of life, aspirations or that fascinating messaging that Art performs – I’m seeing something beyond legend adulation and something has got a hold of me that I can’t shake either. I didn’t know this man’s music and art more than a passing impression.

What is grabbing me is honour and respect. As I have been playing some of the music yesterday and connecting with what I’m seeing was a giant of intellect who cared and stood up for some deep issues (why is it Artists are the voices and shakers for social justice?)…. had ideas often disturbingly put across in chopped up lyrics and music… forging through conventions not caring a fig about being acceptable. The true artist is driven by passion and deep intellect and a wild untameable spirit – that captures the human heart.

We’ve had three real legends in music pass away recently. Music devotees are almost in shock… “who next?”  I recognize the rock-god adulation, but I’ve seen something different in the passing of David Bowie. It’s a sense of profound loss – the feet of the one who pushed those boundaries and left his imprints on the world no longer able to walk us forward.

I am recently in the wonderful place of coming close to musicality again. It’s more than the sound and energy thrusting its presence through me, but a whole spectrum of musical and artistry. Where I see relentless creativity and skill mastery, relentless exploring and appreciation for what makes the music, letting it move you – I find it enthralling and inspiring.  I also find it challenging as I recognize my past cursory opinions from a narrow-minded place.

What this is about today is a growing urge to give honour and respect.

In fact there are people around us in the office, friends or family right now leading in their art or creative activity, who aren’t recognized simply because they are earlier in the journey – or still with us. ….Noone sets greatness as their goal. They set out to do something impassioned; they often live in obscurity, not seeking recognition; just on track, on purpose, doing or expressing what they believe in; fulfilment coming through relentlessly pursuing their convictions and heart. That’s the story of almost every ‘legend’ we know.

That is greatness in the ‘before’ shot. It’s also the part I love and appreciate most.

What pushed me to write this morning on a day I cannot ‘afford the time’ is this urge to honour.

There are people around us who look ordinary but being their best, showing up for others, supporting and encouraging the team, or standing up for what’s right in the company. I’m thinking – who can we notice today and mindfully honour by giving a heartfelt word of appreciation, some attention, or speak into their life as their best self?

When we perceive the greatness in people around us and see them through the lens of their potential best, we do something great. People respond, they begin living up to it, and just by the way you become an agent of positive change.