There is nothing worthy or enduring that was not built on integrity.

Integrity is not only about truth and honesty. It’s about following your core values, establishing your beliefs, and measuring your behaviour. Since integrity is closely linked to core values, then why do so few people actually live a way that exemplifies their core values?

Two reasons: they either don’t know their core values, or they have a hard time living them in all circumstances.

Your integrity is seen in how you live your values and how you allow others to connect to those values.

What does it really take to be a person of TRUE integrity?

  • Possess a fundamental knowledge of who you are
  • Be responsible for your personality
  • Redesign a life that aligns with who you really are

To look within, you can begin with asking yourself: what have your life experiences taught you about yourself, values, your belief system, and what you are really made of? Then make note of where you have gone on to live in sync with this deeper knowledge. Then note where you have not lived in sync with with knowledge.

Living with integrity is living courageously – to first recognise, then be, who you are – while facing up to the challenges that life presents.

If you are interested in developing and refining yourself as a productive professional and person of influence, commit to increasing the pace and energy devoted to integrity-exploration and expansion.

The good news is, as you respond your integrity continues to increase as you evolve. Integrity is not static;  as you grow, it upgrades.