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 What happens for clients

Clients achieve significant professional and personal goals and enjoy more options. They become strongly connected to deep motivations and develop masterfully in new mindsets and skills that enlarge their capacity to be that person who holds aspirational roles.

How we work

Liz observes the behaviour and characteristics of people; she analyses mindsets; then works this knowledge to push for performance and self-directed change.

Unlocking potential and unleashing peak performance

Lateral Insights brings breakthrough performance to businesses and professionals who aspire to be all that they can be. Founded on Liz Blake’s 25 years of sales leadership and building high performing, self-sustaining teams, recruitment excellence in ICT industry, training and curriculum development in VET and HE sectors, and personal reinvention. We share our experience and specific insights, challenge and guide, to unlock potential and unleash peak performance.

Specialist in

  • Direct Selling Success
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  • Career Breakthroughs
  • Mediatory functions
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  • Peak Performance

Liz sustained high achievement mediating an adventurous family life and entrepreneurial passion, and in recent years reinvented her professional life and a personal transformation. Liz’s core experience was in developing and leading a huge sales organization in Direct Selling over 16 years. Starting as a supplementary income for a family of 4 young children in a small country town, in 5 years she grew this to $3.5 Million and teams all over Australia and New Zealand, operating from a spare room at home.

The name, Lateral Insights, was a collaboration with Liz’s children, which captures the lateral thinking, wisdom and insight that typifies her work. She sees mindset as the ‘rocket fuel’, and then uncommonly effective tools as the mechanisms, that together propel you to achieving one’s goals and dreams, while standing true to one’s values and purpose.

Rick Morse, Co-Founder Le Reve International says:

“Every once in a while someone comes along with just ‘that’ quality that has you pay attention to whatever she says and does. 

“As co-founder, past joint Managing Director, and Marketing Director of Le Reve, for around a decade I observed the quintessential Liz Blake turn timid and shy ‘wall flowers’ into people brimming with confidence, self-possession and achievement. I’ve seen first-hand how she assists them grow into shoes they thought they would never ever fit. I’ve watched her recruit, train and develop, support, motivate, and lead both large and small teams of people diverse in age, talent and culture, leading from the front every step of the way. And the key, telling ingredient that sets a true leader apart from a ‘want-to-be’ leader? — inspired, they wanted to follow. 

“Liz Blake is a woman of rare capacity and excellence. She comes with my highest recommendation. ”

We Guarantee Results

With over 25 years of building high performing, self-sustaining sales teams and leaders, we have the experience to identify what is blocking peak performance in individuals and show you how to break through.

Take a step towards your desired future, call us today for a no-obligation discussion to make your sales and career soar!

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