Secrets I learned as a Mother and Businesswoman

Celebrating Mother’s Day recently reminded me of some ‘secrets’ I learned as a mother and leading my large successful business. Direct Selling is regarded as the greatest training ground for leadership;  if you are not growing there is no place to hide!

  1. We are all ‘self-employed’.
    Take this attitude in your job or business, and you will soar above the ‘employees’.
  2. Job security is a Myth!
    It is ‘secure’ until something happens – to you or the job!
  3. Potential  ≠ success.
    Potential is simply that. It’s like seeing water far off when you’re in a desert; it’s like looking at a gleaming engine.
  4. The Secret of success is not Skill.
    Success is 90% Attitude, 10% skill.
  5. You can’t lead others if you can’t first lead yourself.
  6. We are all a ‘self-made Success’ or a ‘self-made failure’ – either way we made it ourselves.
  7. Action is the ultimate differentiator between Achievers and non-achievers.
    Oh, and the 8th….
  8. When was the Crowd ever right?

Looking through these secrets, I can almost always predict who will succeed and who just talks about it.

Do these 7 Secrets look like you?