How Successful People Think

We are where we are today because of the decisions we’ve made during our lives, and decisions, and thought. We are the sum total of our thoughts.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’ll be right!”

Our attitude reflects our thought life, which is the result of many factors. Notice how certain attitudes or mindsets seem continue through families as defaults. The fact is, you can change your life by changing attitude. So what are the attitudes that need changing?

Attitude is linked to self image which, like a key, turns on ‘encoded’ behavior. So how do you view yourself? You will be aware of some of your beliefs but others are hidden behind limited thinking. If you give two people equal opportunity but they possess different self images, who do you think will be a success?

I coined a phrase many years ago from observing the responses of many thousands of people to opportunity: “Opportunity knocks…softly”. Opportunity often slips in the door quietly; it may be clothed in a problem but a certain attitude will recognize this descreet visitor for what she is.

For things to improve, you must make change. Throughout history people have all experienced the same problems and objections; “there is nothing new under the sun”. Therefore for your life or circumstances to change, you have to change.  Your response is the locus of control. But your attitude will determine your response; hopefully you seize the opportunities as they arise.

The question is, ‘Will you?’ It’s all in the way you think.

Do some Inner Housekeeping

There are two parts to our minds; subconscious and conscious, more distinctly divided in adults.

We think and receive with the conscious mind. On the other hand the subconscious controls our daily and default actions – it’s a vast memory bank which indiscriminately receives truth/fiction, past/present/future, and is constructive/destructive. The younger we are the less effective that division is, or impressionable. But unfortunately much of the information received and taking root in the unconscious mind is negative. An important part of personal growth is becoming conscious of our beliefs and values, and learning to filter the information received – and even inputting new information that doesn’t yet exist in your life.

What is a Success Attitude?

Most people live lives of ‘quiet desperation’, working hard, never quite getting ahead. What makes the difference in successful people?

Self Talk

We all talk to ourselves silently all the time. Much is negative: “I bet I won’t get…I don’t think I can…What’s the point in trying.” All this impactful negative emotion builds memory banks in your subconscious because it receives the information as true, and this determines behaviour.

You can consciously apply the same principles with positive input (even if it’s imagination) and build new memory banks.

Creating new Actions and Outcomes

You can get rid of the ruling rubbish in the subconscious that drives your actions. But it happens by will (the conscious). When you relax the subconscious comes to the surface, very similar to dreaming. Then when you intentionally feed the subconscious with some healthy food – desirable imagery, feeling that desirable change with your senses – you are re-scripting your brain and re-wiring circuitry. This gets very interesting and has profound and powerful effects. I practice this myself and it has made a massive difference to my life – attitude, enthusiasm, and activities. This practice has actually been behind my very visible personal rejuvenation.

Changing the content and emotion in the subconscious mind will change your life. Solutions to problems come more easily, and you see problems for what they are – opportunities to break through into new territory. You will become strong, confident, and in control.

Here is just one practical exercise you can do in your self-talk to start this transformative process. I take this further and in a very relaxed way…but that’s for another time!


  1. Get to know your enemy. Draw a line down the middle of a page; on the left list all your negative traits Then on the right write it’s opposite (positive).
  2. Look at all the positives, think of them as a whole, and write your own statement of intent, containing most or all of the positives.
    g. “I will succeed in my chosen field of……… because I am entering this work with enthusiasm that will grow each time I go to work. I am a strong salesperson because I plan and create the activity that is positive and fulfilling. I am energetic and get things done. People enjoy my company and I like people. The high income I earn is a direct result of honest effort, and I try at all times to give the best service that is possible to give! I am the best, most trustworthy salesperson I know. I prospect continually, make appointments easily, present professionally, and close strongly. I intend to have $………… in investments by (…………date………..)!”
  3. Place copies everywhere you can’t miss it, read it continually as though you absolutely mean it and feel it as if it’s already happened. Your subconscious must sit up and take notice. This changes your inside and outside world (behavior, feelings) and even others’ response to you!

Write Your own Future

Always speak affirmations in the present tense. You must be able to mentally put yourself in the picture you desire as if it is happening now. See, feel, touch, taste your success.

Repeated instructions, images and emotions that let you experience your desired outcome in advance, over time will change the way you are, and this inevitably gives you what you want. What I am talking about is writing your own future, designing your life.

Constantly guard the door of your mind. This is how successful people think.

Talent vs. Attitude

Anyone can gain skill (become an expert) by focused practice or pure talent. But the world is full of talented failures. Success has everything to with attitude, the way you see yourself, others, and the future.

Successful people know that they must grow themselves and change because they cannot create new success with old thinking. All new and sustainable success comes through change and growth. In a global economy marked by increasing competition, it has never been more important to shine and stand out from the crowd. Successful people know their future lies in their hands alone.

Essential Realisations:

  • Desire is the mother of all winning. “Losers let it happen, winners make it happen!”
  • We are all SELF-MADE. But usually only the winners admit it.

Successful people do the things that Failures don’t like to do.

Successful people cultivate desire. They rather go through the pain of doing it so they can enjoy being successful. Whereas failures submit to fear; they rather avoid any chance of failing. Failures don’t realize successful people often failed a number of times first, so they try repeatedly because they would rather be successful.

Problems ad obstacles are inevitable, even necessary. The difference comes from how you deal with them – as opportunities.


In the next annoying situation, look at it from a different perspective. Nobody can make you angry without your permission. Don’t let that person affect your attitude. Take responsibility and control for your reactions and emotions so you can be the kind of person you want to be. Being proactive like this is the root of success.

This possibility outlook comes by taking your affirmative statement and reading it regularly, feeling it, soaking in it as if it’s already happened.

Do you welcome every difficult situation as another stepping stone to your success?

Life doesn’t offer a ‘rewind’ option – success is a choice you make.